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Contact details for NorPedMed

​Clinical Trial Units (CTUs)  constitute the backbone of NorPedMed. They are independent research units that are linked to, or work in close cooperation with, pediatric departments at university hospitals in Norway.

Each university hospital has a local trial coordinator who serve as the primary contact person for his or her pediatric department and the region served by the university hospital, including disease specific research units, local hospitals, health stations and privately working pediatricians. Disease specific research units usually operate in cooperation with local CTUs. In multi-center trials, any qualified researcher may take on the role as national principal investigator (PI), primarily in cooperation with one of the CTUs.

University hospital (city), CTU​Contact
University Hospital of North Norway (Tromsø)
​Ellen Nordal
​St. Olavs Hospital (Trondheim) 
​Henrik Døllner
​Haukeland University Hospital (Bergen)
​Camilla Tøndel
​Akershus University Hospital (Lørenskog)
​Christopher Inchley
​Stavanger University Hospital (Stavanger) 
​Ingvild Bruun Mikalsen
​Oslo University Hospital (Oslo)
​Heidi Glosli
Håvard Skjerven
Coordinating office in Bergen
​Thomas Halvorsen
Sigrun M. Hjelle (coordinator)